WOYM 57: Kristof De Spiegeleer After 7 Succesful Exits He Became A Soulful Enterpreneur
February 16, 2021
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WOYM 57: Kristof De Spiegeleer After 7 Succesful Exits He Became A Soulful Enterpreneur

EP 57 Kristof De Spiegeleer | What's On Your Mind?  

Hi I am Peter and I give you a weekly podcast about personal development, mindset & selling.  What's On Your Mind ? is a 1 hour conversation. Everybody has a story and a gift. And I want to bring out the story of my guest.  

Kristof is a humanist & motivated entrepreneur, passionate about helping to make the world a better place through technology. Ever since childhood, Kristof’s main passion was computers and coding. Kristof calls himself a nerd. Later on, his curiosity about simply finding out “how stuff works” would change more to "how can I help make the world a better place.” Kristof graduated from the University of Ghent in 1994 and started his career building a network integrator in Belgium, one of the first ones in what was a super young industry at the time. A couple of years later Kristof was lucky to be one of the first hires in Europe of PSINet (the first commercial ISP in the world) where he was one of the driving forces behind the internet growth in Europe. A funny anecdote is that he worked on some projects which made it into the Guinness World Records.  Following his adventures at PSINet, Kristof founded what eventually became Incubaid, an incubator for tech companies in Belgium. Kristof would successfully exit multiple start-ups to companies by the likes of Oracle, Sun Microsystems, HGST (Western Digital), Terramark (Verizon), Telenet and Symantec/VERITAS. This period is what Kristof refers to as Wave One.  

Not much later he and Incubaid would start Wave Two. As much as he loved creating and coming up with groundbreaking concepts and technology, Kristof's energy started shifting towards a more holistic view of technology and everything around him. Technology should no longer only just be efficient and approached from an economic standpoint, technology should help the world and/or humanity and take emotion into account.  During Wave Two, Kristof brought together his knowledge, multiple running projects, and his new-found vision. The biggest project to date is ThreeFold, where all gathered experiences in internet infrastructure, storage solutions, cloud computing, and blockchain are combined in one, to create a new true peer-to-peer internet that is built on 3 major pillars. First, equality: everyone should be treated equally, and have equal chances to succeed in life. Second, autonomy: everyone using this internet should be the sole owner of his or her data and digital life. Finally, sustainability: to meet the demand of internet capacity for everyone around the world, we need to drastically change the carbon footprint of the internet.  For the last couple of years, Kristof has dedicated nearly all of his time to Threefold and the growth of this new, needed peer-to-peer internet.  

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