WOYM 48: Derek Tate About Skiing, Positive Psychology & Flow
January 21, 2021
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WOYM 48: Derek Tate About Skiing, Positive Psychology & Flow

EP 48 Derek Tate | What's On Your Mind?  

Hi I am Peter and I give you a weekly podcast about personal development, mindset & selling.  What's On Your Mind ? is a 1 hour conversation. Everybody has a story and a gift. And I want to bring out the story of my guest.  

Derek Tate is a positive psychology practitioner, flow coach and ski instructor. He graduated from Bucks New University in 2019 with the MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP). His career in snowsports spans 30+ years teaching people of all ages and abelites in many different countries. His passion for skiing and life in the mountains has led to a purpose of sharing the benefits of  ‘flow’ with as many people as possible leading to health and well-being through sport and mountain life. As well as writing and publishing his recent book – Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow he runs online workshops about flow and mental health.  

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