What's On Your Mind 39: Lien De Pau
December 15, 2020
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What's On Your Mind 39: Lien De Pau

What's On Your Mind 39: Lien De Pau

EP 39 Lien De Pau | What's On Your Mind?  

Hi I am Peter and I give you a weekly podcast about personal development, mindset & selling.  

What's On Your Mind ? is a 1 hour conversation. Everybody has a story and a gift. And I want to bring out the story of my guest.  

Lien helps small business owners to switch from an hourly based revenue model to a scalable business. This results in her clients having more impact, realising a lifestyle that suits their needs and having the time of their lives growing their business!  Here's a little bit about Lien: 👩‍💼 serial entrepreneur 📖 author of 'Get Real, a practical guide on how to live it up' 🌍 explorer of life (been to over 40 countries in the past few years) 🤝 founder of the network www.zekervanhaarzaak.com, a tribe of Dutch speaking female solo-entrepreneurs and freedompreneurs 🤓 founder of the business school TRAVAK www.travakbusinessschool.com, the biggest online business school for Dutch speaking solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives who want to build a business which gives them the freedom to do what they love most  Her business expertise and unconventional nomadic lifestyle have been featured in the glossy print and digital editions of Knack, Trends, CharlieMag, Cafe Corsari, Feeling, Flair, Vitaya and more.   

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