What's On Your Mind 14 (50): Murielle Marie
January 07, 2021
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What's On Your Mind 14 (50): Murielle Marie

EP 14 (50) Murielle Marie | What's On Your Mind?  

Hi I am Peter and I give you a weekly podcast about personal development, mindset & selling.  

What's On Your Mind ? is a 1 hour conversation. Everybody has a story and a gift. And I want to bring out the story of my guest.  

I remember this conversation vividly. It was recorded on the 21st of December 2020, where Jupiter and Saturn were 'meeting' each other. Anyway, I am honoured to give you Murielle Marie ! She calls herself a mentor to the unconventional !  

When she started her first business (web agency) people called her fearless. She was fresh out of Uni, and kind of lost. Unlike some of her fellow students she didn’t have a clear plan of what her life was going to be like. She just went with the flow. Did things her way.  Looking back she now knows that she wasn’t fearless. Not at all. In fact, fear ruled her life for a very long time.  

In our conversation, Murielle or better said Marie talks about her childhood and the traumatic experience she had as her father was suffering an alcohol addiction. She talks about her journey of healing and selflove. Next to her succesful business and leadership coaching practice, she is writing at this moment her first book about trauma.  

What I learned and appreciate from Marie is that she is showing herself as she is and has no shame nor taboos to speak up and to be rebellious herself and at the same embracing her female side ! 

Enjoy the 21st of December again by listing or watching the conversation with this TEDx speaker Murielle Marie ! 

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