I am very passionate about selling, building relationships & businesses.

Therefor, I read everything that I can find about these topics. And one thing that I see all the time is that people are searching for the right technique to sell or gain trust or build a business.

And I don't say techniques are bad but if they don't work for you maybe take a deeper look inside yourself.

Everybody has a sending device called Intention and everybody has a receiver called Intuition. You can say "Peter, BS BS BS" yes I thought so too 10 years ago. Go with the techniques and enjoy the hard work (which does not scale but that is for an other blog).

So if you set your intention consciously to 'How can I serve you' instead of unconsciously 'What's in it for me', you will notice that non verbally your 'guest' or the other party will 'feel' that energy or vibe with their receiver 'intuition'. You don't believe me ?

Test it out for yourself, for your next conversation or meeting, set yourself an intention and walk into the conversation or meeting. Maybe it does not work the first time, because maybe your intention setting machine has been rusty. It is a real muscle you can train with your awareness (which is also a muscle). You will notice after awhile you will feel with your intuition what the other person is really saying and is really trustable or genuine.

Thanks for taking the time to read and now 'use' it  and let me know how it went !

Love Peter